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Oksana Esberard is a certified business meditation instructor, mindfulness speaker, and consultant.  She works with business owners and executives installing mindfulness practices at the workplace for the next level performance, cohesive teams, and cultural alignment.

Oksana’s engaging topics and workshops range from 45 minutes to two hours and cover subjects on:

  • turning stress into success
  • training mental and emotional resilience
  • leading with clarity among the chaos
  • enhancing learning and cognition
  • elevating workplace trust and psychological safety

All are skillfully customized to bring forward extraordinary human abilities to solve business challenges.

Oksana has hosted immersive meditation and mindfulness events for Florida International University, BuzzFeed, Entrepreneurs’ Organization, SHRM, Intradeco, Bilzin Sumberg, and New Horizons Computer Learning Centers among others.  

She is the creator of Mindfulness Movement At Work program: “people-first” business philosophy with motivated and engaged employees at the core of the company. If you think mindfulness is not applicable to the business world, Oksana’s practical and impactful message will change your mind. (Photo credit: Jeff Poucher)


Combining her previous background in Hospitality and Business, Oksana brings transformational experiences to workplaces, conferences, leadership events, and retreats, aligning them with an organization’s goals. 

Oksana’s Credentials:

  • Trained 3 months in the Indian Himalayas
  • Meditation & Yoga Teacher  (RYT 500 hrs), India
  • 8-week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program (MBSR), U.S.
  • Transcendental Meditation Training, Hong Kong
  • Requested Meditation & Mindfulness Speaker
  • Continued education through meditation and mindfulness summits, Worldwide. (Photo Credit: DJ Pierce)

Keynotes & Workshops

Turning Stress Into Success and Attitude Into Gratitude

  • The stress epidemic has infected businesses all around the world.
  • The “Mindfulness Cure,” discovered thousands of years ago, is finally approved by medical research and scientistic community.
  • Oksana adds the modern twist and business practicality to make mindfulness easy and accessible for the skeptical professionals.
  • Audiences will explore and experience What, Why, and How of Mindfulness At The Workplace to keep the stress down and the spirits up.

What E-Motional Soup Your Employees Are Cooking?

  • When we are with the same people over and over again, we make emotional connotations and build emotional triggers about them.
  • These mental labels and boxes stored in the subconscious mind threaten people’s abilities to communicate openly.
  • In business, it translates into a waste of collaboration and creative space.
  • Based on neuroscience and emotional intelligence, Oksana provides practical tools for peeling off destructive labels about other people and turning them into supportive pillars of human interaction.

People-First Advantage: Leading Humans, Not Machines

  • The full potential of the human brain is yet to be discovered.
  • Add consciousness and ability to process emotions, and each employee transforms into a pinnacle of nature’s evolution.
  • Leading organizations all around the world are already taking advantages of the best in humanity: trust, collective focus, gratitude, and compassion at the workplace.
  • In this session, Oksana reveals the benefits of vulnerability and compassionate leadership to bring forward extraordinary human abilities to solve business challenges.


“What Do Mindfulness And Technology Have In Common?” panel at eMerge Americas Conference in Miami, FL.

Mindful discussion on how to leverage technology to be more human at the workplace.

Client session and simple explanation of benefits of a regular meditation practice.

By training the mind, by bringing awareness to pause before reacting, employees strengthen emotional resilience.

Radio interview extract on how mindfulness and meditation are becoming a business tool for shifting to People-First Culture.

See full segment for Oksana’s personal story.

Happy Clients


Oksana Convinces Skeptics


“I have to admit that by nature, I am a bit of a metaphysical skeptic.

However, my learning experiences with Oksana have convinced me of the physical and psychological benefits of meditation.

While its hard to establish new disciplines, I can confirm that following Oksana’s program will boost spirits, energy, and productivity….for you and your team!”

David Waddell, Chief Investment Strategist, Waddell & Associates, LLC.

Critical to Sustain Learning


“Participants are still talking about how incredible it was to begin that day with Oksana’s session.

Her ability to draw them in, engage them, and help them become more present and ready for another day of learning was not only impressive, it was critical to their success in applying all they were learning in those two days in order to sustain that experience beyond the end of the conference. ”

Sarah Elkins, Founder of NLV Conference

Busy Entrepreneurs Listen


“A deep breath of fresh air. Being a hard-charging entrepreneur who has a tendency to take on too much, stress more than needed, run till exhaustion – you can vision me right?

I found Oksana and her message to be a peaceful refuge from the madness of everyday life. In just a short time she was able to change my thinking and get me to add small improvements that have made my life better.

I am happier, healthier and more centered for knowing Oksana – and you can be too!”

Andy Bailey, Entrepreneur Coach & CEO, Petra Coach

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